Animals in Pennsylvania

The US state of Pennsylvania spans the Great Lakes, Appalachian, Northeastern, and Mid-Atlantic regions. It has the majestic Appalachian Mountains running through its central region, while the sweeping Allegheny and Pocono mountains adorn the northeastern part of the state. Almost 60% of the state is covered in lush forests. It also features different habitats, like rolling hills, wetlands, and fertile valleys, for its native wildlife.

The first zoo to open in the US, the Philadelphia Zoo, is located in this state. There are also many state and national parks where wildlife enthusiasts can experience the state’s flora and fauna in their natural habitat. These include the Allegheny National Forest, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, and Delaware Water Gap. The list below gives an idea of what native animals you may find in these places.

Animals in Pennsylvania (PA)

List of Different Types of Animals Found in Pennsylvania 


Rocky Mountain elk was introduced to the state following the extinction of the original native easter elk and has a steady population now.

Animals that used to live in Pennsylvania, but have been extirpated since, include cougar, eastern wolf, wolverine, bison, and moose. Fishers and beavers are two more animals that were reintroduced.



  • Common Snapping Turtle
  • Northern Map Turtle
  • Eastern Box Turtle
  • Bog Turtle
  • Timber Rattlesnake
  • Eastern Copperhead
  • Eastern Massasauga
  • Northern Ring-necked Snake
  • Eastern Ratsnake
  • Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
  • Eastern Milksnake
  • Northern Watersnake
  • Eastern Ribbon Snake
  • Eastern Gartersnake
  • Smooth Green Snake
  • Eastern Fence Lizard
  • Common Five-lined Skink



  • Brook Trout
  • Brown Trout
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Lake Trout
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Striped Bass
  • Bluegill
  • Pumpkinseed
  • Yellow Perch
  • Walleye
  • Muskellunge
  • Northern Pike
  • Chain Pickerel
  • Channel Catfish
  • Flathead Catfish
  • Blue Catfish
  • White Catfish
  • Black Crappie
  • White Crappie
  • Rock Bass
  • Redbreast Sunfish
  • Green Sunfish
  • Warmouth
  • Sauger
  • Yellow Bullhead
  • American Eel

Insects And Invertebrates

  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
  • Eastern Comma Butterfly
  • Pennsylvania Firefly
  • Eastern Tent Caterpillar
  • Carpenter Ant
  • Pavement Ant
  • Odorous House Ant
  • Asian Lady Beetle
  • Eastern Carpenter Bee
  • Eastern Boxelder Bug
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
  • Eastern Dobsonfly
  • Eastern Lubber Grasshopper
  • Luna Moth
  • Ticks
  • Green Darner
  • American Dog Tick
  • Common House Spider
  • Western Black Widow
State Animals of Pennsylvania

State Animals of Pennsylvania

State AnimalWhite-tailed Deer
State BirdRuffed Grouse
State AmphibianEastern Hellbender
State FishBrook Trout
State InsectPennsylvania Firefly
State DogGreat Dane


What are the most dangerous animals in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has 3 species of venomous snakes, two of them being the deadly Timber rattlesnake and Massasauga. The third one is the eastern copperhead. Then there are venomous black widows and disease-carrying ticks. Coyotes and black bears are among the most dangerous predatory animals.

What are some rare animals living in Pennsylvania?

Over two dozen animals are endangered in the state, including the short-eared owl, piping plover, northern flying squirrel, and least shrew. The long-eared owl, northern harrier, and small-footed bats are some species considered threatened. Since all these animals’ populations are declining, spotting them in the wild is rather rare.

What are some common invasive animals in Pennsylvania?

Some invasive insects include the spongy moth and Japanese beetle. At the same time, zebra mussels and northern snakeheads are some invasive aquatic species. Wild boars have also been threatening the native ecosystem of the state.

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