Frogs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to several frog species, which can be spotted in forests, swamps, or even the backyard of one’s home.

Pickerel frogs are the only ones in Pennsylvania known to be poisonous.

Frogs in Pennsylvania

Frogs and Toads of Pennsylvania

Tree Frogs and Their Allies

  • Cope’s Gray Treefrog
  • Gray Treefrog
  • Mountain Chorus Frog
  • New Jersey Chorus Frog
  • Northern Cricket Frog
  • Northern Spring Peeper
  • Upland Chorus Frog
  • Western Chorus Frog

True Frogs

True Toads

Spadefoot Toads

  • Eastern Spadefoot Toad

Small Frogs: Northern Cricket Frog

Big Frogs: American Bullfrog

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