Game Birds

While game birds often refer to the wide variety of birds reared for hunting purposes, it is also a common term for birds of the family Galliformes, which include ground-dwelling birds like chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quails, partridges, etc. However, for simplicity, when we talk about game birds in this article, we will be talking about birds hunted for sport, including members of the family Galliformes. Besides them, we will also list certain species of waterfowl that are considered game birds.

Game Birds

List of Different Game Birds

Here is a list of birds hunted for sport, arranged by how much they are at risk, based on the IUCN Red List.

Species of BirdsHunting SeasonConservation Status (as per the IUCN)
Gunnison Sage-grouseMarch to MayEndangered (EN)
Lesser Prairie-chickenSeptember to JanuaryVulnerable (VU)
Greater Prairie-chickenSeptember to JanuaryNear Threatened (NT)
Greater Sage-grouseSeptember to NovemberNear Threatened (NT)
Northern BobwhiteOctober to FebruaryNear Threatened (NT)
American WoodcockDecember to FebruaryLeast Concern (LC)
California QuailSeptember to JanuaryLeast Concern (LC)
Canada GooseSeptember to NovemberLeast Concern (LC)
ChukarOctober to January Least Concern (LC)
Dusky GrouseSeptember to NovemberLeast Concern (LC)
Gambel’s QuailSeptember to FebruaryLeast Concern (LC)
Gray PartridgeSeptember to JanuaryLeast Concern (LC)
MallardSeptember to DecemberLeast Concern (LC)
Montezuma QuailNovember to FebruaryLeast Concern (LC)
Mountain QuailSeptember to JanuaryLeast Concern (LC)
Plain ChachalacaNovember to FebruaryLeast Concern (LC)
Ring-necked PheasantOctober to FebruaryLeast Concern (LC)
Rock PtarmiganSeptember to FebruaryLeast Concern (LC)
Ruffed GrouseSeptember to JanuaryLeast Concern (LC)
Scaled QuailNovember to FebruaryLeast Concern (LC)
Sharp-tailed GrouseSeptember to JanuaryLeast Concern (LC)
Sooty GrouseAugust to MayLeast Concern (LC)
Spruce GrouseSeptember to JanuaryLeast Concern (LC)
White-tailed PtarmiganSeptember to NovemberLeast Concern (LC)
Wild TurkeySeptember to JanuaryLeast Concern (LC)
Willow PtarmiganSeptember to FebruaryLeast Concern (LC)

It is important to note that these months generally indicate when these birds can be hunted. For specific dates, it is essential to check the dates of the local hunting season.

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