Whistling Birds

Birds can vocalize various sounds, like chirping, trilling, or squawking. However, some birds can produce beautiful whistling sounds, either single notes at different pitches or a series of whistles of differing types.

Birds that Whistle

List of Different Birds That Whistle

Here is a list of birds known to produce sounds similar to whistling. 

SpeciesWhat Do They Sound Like?Why Do They Whistle?Where Can They Be Found?
Black-capped Chickadeefee-beeMales whistle to attract mates and protect their territory Throughout North America, from western Alaska to southern Yukon in the north to northern California and New Mexico in the south
Broad-winged Hawkkee-eeeTo communicate with their mates and offspringThroughout the Americas, from southern Canada to southern Brazil
Carolina Wrencheer, cheer, cheer, what, what, what, whatMimicking the sound of the Northern CardinalEastern North America, from the south of Ontario, Canada to northeast Mexico
Cedar Waxwingsee or sreeTo communicate with other birds about food, potential danger, and other similar messagesThroughout North and Central America
Eastern Meadowlarksee-you or see-yeeeerTo defend their current territoryFrom eastern North America to northern South America
Eurasian Blue Tittzii-tziiTo warn other animals about birds of prey like the Common Buzzard or the Eurasian SparrowhawkThroughout Eurasia, including Britain, Caucasus, Corsica, Russia, Spain, Sicily, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, etc
Mistle Thrushchewee-trewuu … trureetruuruuMales whistle to attract a mate and keep their pair bonds as well as maintain their territory Throughout Eurasia, though rarer in the north
Northern Cardinalcheer, cheer, cheer, what, what, what, whatTo attract mates and defend their nests from predatorsEastern North America, from Canada to the southern United States and Mexico 
Tufted Titmousepeter-peter-peterMales whistle to attract mates and protect their territory Eastern United States and Canada
White-throated SparrowOh-sweet-canada-canada or Old-Sam-Peabody-PeabodyMales sing to attract potential mates during the breeding seasonEastern United States and Canada
Willow Warblerchiff chaff, chiff chaff, chiff chaffPart of their singing techniqueThroughout the Palearctic, including sub-Saharan Africa and northern and temperate Europe
Yellow-breasted Chatchak-chakPart of their singing techniqueFrom southern Canada to Mexico, encompassing most of Central America


1. Why do birds whistle in the morning?

Birds generally whistle in the morning to attract a mate, announce their territory, and warm their voices.

2. What bird whistles like a human?

White-throated Sparrow

3. What bird has a 2 note whistle?

 Black-capped Chickadee, specifically the males

4. What bird has a high-pitched whistle?

Broad-winged Hawk

5. What bird has a long whistle sound?

Eastern Meadowlark

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