Domestic Animals

Domestication involves forming a mutual relationship between humans and animals that does not include predation. Not only do the animals affected change their behavior, but some animals, like the zebu and the sheep, also undergo physical changes.

The reasons behind the domestication of an animal vary. Some were commensals, i.e., lived close by and adapted to human life, while others were specifically targeted and reared for food or draft purposes. As per historical records, the first animal to be domesticated was the dog.

Domestic Animals

List of Domestic Animals


  • Alpaca 
  • Bali Cattle
  • Domestic Bactrian Camel
  • Domestic Cat
  • Domestic Chicken
  • Domestic Dog
  • Domestic Donkey
  • Domestic Ferret
  • Domestic Goat
  • Domestic Horse
  • Domestic Mink
  • Domestic Pig 
  • Domestic Rabbit
  • Domestic Sheep 
  • Domestic Water Buffalo
  • Domestic Yak 
  • Domesticated Silver Fox 
  • Dromedary
  • European Cattle
  • Fancy Mouse
  • Fancy Rat
  • Four-toed Hedgehog
  • Gayal 
  • Guinea Pig 
  • Indian Long-eared Hedgehog
  • Llama 
  • Long-eared Hedgehog
  • Zebu


  • Barbary Dove
  • Cockatiel
  • Domestic Canary
  • Domestic Duck
  • Domestic Goose
  • Domestic Guineafowl
  • Domestic Muscovy Duck
  • Domestic Pigeon
  • Domestic Swan Goose 
  • Domestic Turkey
  • Homing Pigeon
  • Society Finch
  • Sri Lankan Junglefowl


  • Carniolan Honey Bee 
  • Caucasian Honey Bee
  • Domestic Silkmoth
  • Egyptian Honey Bee
  • Greek Honey Bee
  • Italian Honey Bee
  • Saharan Honey Bee
  • Western Honey Bee


  • Goldfish 
  • Koi 


1. When were animals first domesticated?

Dogs were first domesticated around the Late Pleistocene era.

2. Why can’t every animal be domesticated?

Theoretically, it might be possible to domestic any animal. But domesticating is not the same as taming and involves years of breeding to acquire desirable traits. This makes it difficult to domestic some animals.

3. How did animal domestication change society?

When early humans began domesticating animals, they shifted from nomadic hunters to a society more focused on hunting and gathering.

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