Animals in Georgia

The state of Georgia, located in the southeastern region of the US, boasts rich flora and fauna thanks to its diverse terrain. From the Blue Ridge Mountains in the north to the barrier islands along the Atlantic coast and the rolling hills of Piedmont, each state region is home to hundreds of animals and birds.

The Appalachian Scenic Trail is one of the state’s most notable places for wildlife watching. Here is a list of native animals you may come across on your wildlife-watching tour in Georgia.

Animals in Georgia (GA)

List of Different Types of Animals Found in Georgia


The eastern cougar was also found in this state, but their populations are believed to have been extirpated.





  • Largemouth Bass
  • Bluegill
  • Channel Catfish
  • Black Crappie
  • Redbreast Sunfish
  • Etowah Darter
  • Cherokee Darter
  • White Crappie
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Southern Appalachian Brook Trout
  • Longnose Gar
  • Striped Bass
  • White Bass
  • Yellow Perch
  • Chain Pickerel
  • Redear Sunfish
  • Brown Bullhead
  • Warmouth
  • Black Bullhead
  • Blue Catfish
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Spotted Bass
  • Suckerfish
  • Red Drum
  • Flounder
  • King Mackerel
  • Cobia
  • Red Snapper
  • Black Sea Bass
  • Tarpon
  • Atlantic Croaker
  • Bluefish
  • Bonnethead Shark
  • Lemon Shark
  • Blacknose Shark

Insects And Invertebrates

  • Honeybee
  • White-marked Tussock Moth 
  • Northern Paper Wasp
  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
  • Blue Dasher
  • Gulf Fritillary Butterfly
  • Brown Recluse
  • Wolf Spider
  • Southern Black Widow
  • Northern Black Widow
  • Green Lynx Spider
  • Yellow Garden Spider
  • Chinese Mantis
  • Knobbed Whelk (Mollusk)
Georgia State Animals

State Animals of Georgia

State Marine MammalNorth Atlantic Right Whale
State BirdBrown Thrasher
State Game birdBobwhite Quail
State ReptileGopher Tortoise
State AmphibianAmerican Green Tree Frog
State FishLargemouth Bass
State Saltwater FishRed Drum
Coldwater Game FishSouthern Appalachian Brook Trout
State InsectHoneybee
State ButterflyEastern Tiger Swallowtail
State SeashellKnobbed Whelk


What are the most dangerous animals in Georgia?

Plenty of deadly animals exist in the state, including predatory mammals like black bears, coyotes, red foxes, and bobcats. Wild boars can also be pretty dangerous if provoked. The state also has a lot of venomous snakes and spiders, including the eastern diamondback, copperhead, timber, and pigmy rattlesnakes, black widow, brown recluse, and wolf spiders. The fire ants also make the list of dangerous insects.

What are some rare animals in Georgia?

The North Atlantic right whale and all the turtle species found in the state are considered threatened or endangered by the IUCN, and their populations are dwindling, making them quite rare in the state.

What are some common invasive species in Georgia?

Some of the most common invasive animals in the state include cane toad, brahminy blind snake, emerald ash borer, Argentine ant, and red imported fire ant.

Are there any animals that are endemic to Georgia?

The Pigeon Mountain salamander, Etowah darter, and Cherokee darter are endemic to the state of Georgia. The feral breed of Cumberland Island horse is also unique to this state.

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