Lizards in Georgia

While not having the diversity of its neighbor Florida when it comes to lizards, there are still many of them in Georgia.

Though the Argentine Black-and-white tegu has occasionally crossed over from Florida, it hasn’t established a population in Georgia yet. Residents are being asked to report them to the proper authorities, as they risk causing harm to native species.

Lizards of Georgia

American Legless Lizards

  • Eastern Glass Lizard
  • Island Glass Lizard                                                  
  • Mimic Glass Lizard
  • Slender Glass Lizard



Horned Lizards

  • Texas Horned Lizard

North American Worm Lizards

  • North American Worm Lizard


Spiny Lizards

  • Eastern Fence Lizard

Whiptail Lizards

  • Six-Lined Racerunner

Most Common Lizard: Green Anole


1. Are there poisonous lizards in Georgia?

There are no poisonous lizards in Georgia.