Birds of Maine

The Maine Bird Records Committee or MBRC approves a total of 464 species of birds living in the state of Maine as per the June 2021 records. While 135 birds are rare or accidental, five were introduced, and three have gone extinct. The three extinct species include the Labrador duck, passenger pigeon, and eskimo curlew.

The black-capped chickadee, distinguished by its black cap and white cheeks, has been officially accepted as the state bird of Maine since 1927.

Birds of Maine

  • American Woodcock
  • Broad-winged Hawk
  • Black-Capped Chickadee
  • Mourning Dove
  • Common Elder
  • Red-Bellied Woodpecker
  • Dark-eyed Junco
  • Wood Thrush
  • Eastern Bluebird
  • Scarlet Tanager
  • Red-eyed Vireo
  • American Robin
  • Red-Shouldered Hawk
  • Chestnut-sided Warbler
  • Common Yellowthroat
  • Great Cormorant
  • Rose-breasted Grosbeak
  • Song Sparrow
  • Northern Cardinal
  • Downy Woodpecker
  • Green Heron
  • American Bittern
  • Sora Rail
  • White-throated Sparrow
  • Virginia Rail
  • Northern Goshawk
  • Wood Duck
  • Yellow Warbler
  • Sharp-shinned Hawk
  • Red-winged Blackbird
  • Swamp Sparrow
  • Turkey Vulture
  • American Goldfinch
  • Blue-winged Warbler
  • King Eider
  • Evening Grosbeak
  • Blue Jay
  • Snowy Owl
  • Atlantic Puffin
  • Razorbill
  • Herring Gull
  • Great Black-backed Gull
  • American Oystercatcher
  • Northern Flicker
  • Red-tailed Hawk
  • Canada Jay
  • Black-Throated Blue Warbler
  • Brown Creeper
  • Northern Gannet
  • Surf Scoter
  • Common Tern
  • Gyrfalcon
  • Ruffled Grouse
  • Piping Plover
  • Rough-legged Hawk
  • Black-backed Woodpecker
  • Cape May Warbler
  • Blue-headed Vireo
  • White-winged Crossbill
  • Snow Bunting
  • American Crow

Backyard Birds:

All-year-round: Black-Capped Chickadee, Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, Dark-eyed Junco, American Goldfinch

Migratory Birds:

In Spring and Summer: Cedar Waxwing, Chipping Sparrow, Pine Grosbeak, Red-eyed Vireo, Black-throated Green Warbler

In Winter: Snow Bunting, White-winged Crossbill, Brown Creeper, Eastern Bluebird, American Robin

Birds of Prey: Red-tailed Hawk, Rough-legged Hawk, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Northern Goshawk, Red-Shouldered Hawk

Water Birds: Common Eider,Great Black-backed Gull, Common Tern, Ring-billed Gull, Great Cormorant

Rare Birds: Long-billed Curlew, Ruff, Surfbird, Red-necked Stint, Gray-tailed Tattler

Common Birds Identification by Color

Yellow Birds

  • Cedar Waxwing
  • American Yellow Warbler
  • Yellow-rumped Warbler
  • Nashville Warbler
  • Pine Warbler

Black Birds

Blue Birds

  • Eastern Bluebird
  • Black-Throated Blue Warbler
  • Blue Jay
  • Blue-winged Warbler
  • Blue-headed Vireo

Red Birds

  • Northern Cardinal
  • Scarlet Tanager
  • House Finch
  • Red Crossbill
  • Common Redpoll