Bats in Maine

There are 8 species of bats that are native to the state of Maine. The largest is the Hoary Bat, while the Tricolored Bat is the smallest. The most common of them, i.e., the ones humans are most likely to encounter, are the Big Brown Bat and the Little Brown Bat.

Bats in Maine (ME)

Different Types of Bats in Maine

Vesper Bats (Vespertilionidae)

Places To Go Bat Watching in Maine

Acadia National Park is home to all 8 bat species recorded in Maine. Five are year-round residents, while the other three can only be seen during the summer. 

The permanent residents include the Big Brown Bat, the Northern Long-eared Bat, the Little Brown Bat, the Eastern Small-footed Bat, and the Tricolored Bat. They will remain active during the summer, and when it gets colder, they will undergo hibernation in rock crevices, talus slopes, and even human-made structures.

The other three – the Hoary Bat, the Eastern Red Bat, and the Silver-haired Bat – leave the park when winter comes and return when it is once again warmer.


1. When do bats emerge from hibernation in Maine?

Bats enter a state of “torpor” all winter long, usually starting in October. They emerge from this state between March and April.

2. Are there any endangered bats in Maine?

The Little Brown Bat, the Eastern Small-footed Bat, and the Northern Long-eared Bat are all at risk within the state.

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