Bats in Connecticut

There are nine species of bats in the state of Connecticut. The most common of them are the Big Brown Bat and the Little Brown Bat, the former also being one of the largest bats in the state. The Hoary Bat is also known to have a large wingspan reaching up to 16 inches. Some of the smaller bats in the state include the Tricolored Bat, the Eastern Red Bat, and the Little Brown Bat.

Bats in Connecticut (CT)

Different Types of Bats in Connecticut

Vesper Bats (Vespertilionidae)

  • Big Brown Bat
  • Hoary Bat
  • Little Brown Bat
  • Silver-haired Bat
  • Northern Long-eared Myotis
  • Eastern Small-footed Bat
  • Indiana Bat
  • Tricolored Bat
  • Eastern Red Bat

Places To Go Bat Watching in Connecticut

One of Connecticut’s most notable places to see the Big Brown Bat is the White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield. They have set up a “Bat Cam” where people can watch livestreams from the caves without disturbing the bats. This helps educate people about bats and lets researchers collect data about their habits non-intrusively.


1. Are any bats in Connecticut endangered or at risk?

Except for the Big Brown Bat, all other species of bats in Connecticut are endangered at the state level. This is due to a loss of habitat and places for them to roost safely. It is illegal to kill bats, even those that enter houses, as they are protected by law. An expert should be called to remove any bat that may have roosted in a building or entered someone’s home.

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