Birds of New Jersey

New Jersey, the most densely populated state of the United States, has a remarkably diverse landscape, from flat and rolling hills to beaches, marshes, and swamplands. Thus, it is a breeding place for several birds, some inhabiting the state all year round, while some are migratory birds. The popular birding hotspots here include the Cape May, Sandy Hook, and Island Beach State Park, inhabited by different species mostly during spring, fall, and winter.

The state has 485 recorded species per the April 2021 list, which the New Jersey Bird Records Committee or NJBRC accepts.

The American Goldfinch has been New Jersey’s official state bird since 1935. It is also the state bird of two other states- Iowa and Washington.

Birds of New Jersey

Birds that Live on Shores: Little Blue Heron, Green Heron, Snowy Egret, American Oystercatcher, Sanderling

Backyard Birds:

All-year-round: American Robin,Northern Cardinal,American Goldfinch, House Finch, Blue Jay

Migratory Birds: 

In Summer: Great Egret, Common Yellowthroat, Snowy Egret, Green Heron, Pine Siskin

In Winter: Green-winged Teal, Gadwall, White-throated Sparrow, Northern Pintail, Razorbill

Birds of Prey: Broad-winged Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Bad Eagle, Golden Eagle, Northern Goshawk

Common Birds Identification by Color

Black Birds

  • Red-winged Blackbird
  • Common Grackle
  • Brown-headed Cowbird
  • Bobolink
  • European Starling

Red Birds

Blue Birds

  • Western Bluebird
  • Mountain Bluebird
  • Eastern Bluebird
  • Blue Jay
  • Little Blue Heron