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Pictures of Hartebeest


The hartebeest maybe somewhat odd in appearance, but are remarkably one of the fastest and enduring runners among antelopes. This grassland antelope i

Pictures of Canada Lynx

Canada Lynx

Canada Lynx is a mammal species belonging to the felidae or cat family. These North American mammals are also known as the Canadian Lynx.  Some peopl

Photos of Blue Monkey

Blue Monkey

The Blue Monkey is one such specie that has triggered the curiosity of many because of its name. Blue monkeys are not blue in color as one may expect.

Photos of Springhare


Springhare is a mammal belonging to the Pedetes genus. Despite their name, these mammals are not actual hares but members of the Rodentia order. They

Images of Star Nosed Mole

Star Nosed Mole

Star nosed Moles are the only member in the Condylurini tribe and the Condyluraone genus. These moles are among the most interesting creatures in exi

Images of Brown Hyena

Brown Hyena

Brown Hyena is the rarest hyena species found only in some countries of southern Africa. These hyenas are distinguished from other hyenas by their sha

Images of Bushpig


The Bushpig is a strong and stout species of pig family, commonly found in Southern and Eastern Africa. They are closely associated to the red river h

Images of Snowshoe Hare

Snowshoe Hare

Snowshoe hare is an amazing species of mammals. Both looks wise and traits wise this species is awe-inspiring. Found in cold temperature zones of the

Images of Pallid bat

Pallid bat

Pallid bat is a large and light colored bat species which is native to the western United States. This is the only species of Antrozous genus that is


Stoats are a species of mammals belonging to the Mustelid family of Europe and North America. They are also known as short-tailed weasels and ermines.