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Pictures of Northern Shoveler

Northern Shoveler

The Northern Shovelor is a well known and widespread duck. These elegant ducks are also popular as Shovelor, mainly seen in the northern areas of Asia

Images of Rock Ptarmigan

Rock Ptarmigan

The Rock Ptarmigan is a chicken-shaped game bird of the Arctic. Belonging to the grouse family, this bird is known to be a ground dweller acquiring di

Pictures of Short-tailed Albatross

Short-tailed Albatross

The Short-tailed Albatross, also known as the Steller's Albatross, is a seabird species native to the North Pacific Ocean. This bird is related to oth

Pictures of Greater Flamingo

Greater Flamingo

The Greater Flamingo is a bird species belonging to the Flamingo family. They are most widespread among all Flamingos and are found in different regio

Pictures of Whooper Swan

Whooper Swan

Whooper Swan is a large, migratory birds. It is considered to be the most elegant one in the swan family. Its common name refers to the loud “whoopi

Images of Tufted Duck

Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula)

Tufted Ducks are medium sized birds having striking physical appearance. They are found in large numbers, especially in the European region. Male

Photos of Wood Stork

Wood Stork

The Wood Stork is a large wading bird belonging to the “Ciconiidae” family. The bird was formerly known as Wood Ibis, although it is not a true ib

Pictures of Anhinga


The dark water bird or more so the devil bird, Anhinga is a cormorant-like bird mostly found in the warmer areas of America. Its swimming habits and b

Images of Manx Shearwater

Manx Shearwater

Manx Shearwater, a coastal migratory seabird, is a member of the shearwater family that consists of more than twenty different species. This is the mo