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Green Frog Picture

Green Frog

The Green Frog is a frog species that is generally larger than most frogs. These frogs are mostly found in the eastern half of the United States as we

Pictures of Cane Toad

Cane Toad

Cane toad is a true toad belonging to the Bufonidae family. It is quite big in size compared to other members of its family. This amphibian is very in

Pictures of Northern Leopard Frog

Northern Leopard Frog

Northern Leopard Frog is a medium sized leopard frog species belonging to the True Frog Family. They are mainly found in the United States and some pa

Pictures of Gray Tree Frog

Gray Tree Frog

The Gray Tree Frog makes quite an interesting study for tree frog enthusiasts, especially because of the fact that they have almost look-alike cousins

Images of Cuban Tree Frog

Cuban Tree Frog

Cuban Tree Frog is the largest frog species found in North America. These amphibians are considered to be an invasive species as they can adapt to dif

Photos of Blue Spotted Salamander

Blue Spotted Salamander

Blue spotted salamander is one of the cutest species of salamander family. Its sleek and slimy body is adorable. They are quite habituated and comfort

Pictures of Wood Frog

Wood Frog

The Wood Frog is one such species that has ever so amused biologists and scientists. These tiny creatures are associated with an incredible ability of

Images of Pickerel Frog

Pickerel Frog

Pickerel Frogs are the only native toxic frog species found in different regions of the United States. These medium sized frogs are often confused wit

Pictures of Spring Peepers

Spring Peepers

A Spring Peeper is a tiny and a rather interesting type of a tree frog. Their name itself is reminiscent of their distinct sleigh-bell-like call that