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Pictures of Wood Frog

Wood Frog

The Wood Frog is one such species that has ever so amused biologists and scientists. These tiny creatures are associated with an incredible ability of

Images of Pickerel Frog

Pickerel Frog

Pickerel Frogs are the only native toxic frog species found in different regions of the United States. These medium sized frogs are often confused wit

Pictures of Spring Peepers

Spring Peepers

A Spring Peeper is a tiny and a rather interesting type of a tree frog. Their name itself is reminiscent of their distinct sleigh-bell-like call that

Picture of Black Salamander

Black Salamander

Black salamander is one of the rarest species among the salamander family. It is almost extinct by now, and thus has become a rare sight. With very fe

Images of Pacific Tree Frog

Pacific Tree Frog

The Pacific Tree Frog is one of the smallest amphibians in the West coast of North America. It belongs to the Hylidae family. This amphibian can easil

Marbled Salamander Picture

Marbled Salamander

Marbled salamander is a wonderful looking species of the mole salamander family. It is a very interesting creature to observe. Read and find all about

American Bullfrog Picture

American Bullfrog

American Bullfrogs are mainly found in North America and Canada. They are also known as “Bullfrogs”. The members of this species are aquatic (resi

Pictures of Rough Skinned Newt

Rough Skinned Newt

Rough Skinned Newts, or “Rough-skinned Newts”, are newts (small semi-aquatic salamanders) living in the humid coastal areas from Alaska to the sou

California Tiger Salamander Picture

California Tiger Salamander

California Tiger Salamanders are a major species of salamander with an exceedingly interesting lifestyle. Read on to know more about these fascinating

Images of American Toad

American Toad

The American toad is a commonly occurring species of the toad that is found throughout the eastern parts of United States and Canada. American toads a