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Southern Leopard Frog Picture

Southern Leopard Frogs

Southern Leopard Frog is quite similar to Northern Leopard Frog.  It belongs to the Ranidae family of true frogs. They are primarily nocturnal animal

Jefferson Salamander Picture

Jefferson Salamander

Jefferson Salamander, found in some parts of North America, is a mole Salamander, involved in a hybrid complex with Blue-spotted Salamander and Small-

Golden Toad Images

Golden Toad

It is a small toad that was once considered to be one of the most colorful amphibians. It is believed to be an extinct animal. Size The male members

Photos of Tiger Salamander

Tiger Salamander

What is Tiger Salamander? Tiger Salamander is a species of amphibian family of the animal kingdom. They belong to the burrowing category. Facts Fin