Birds of New Mexico

New Mexico has around 549 species of birds in its official list as accepted by the New Mexico Bird Records Committee or NMBRC as per January 2021 records. Of these birds, 173 are on the review list because of their rare or irregular appearance throughout the state. Five birds have been introduced, and three are extirpated since they exist elsewhere but not in New Mexico.

Some of the big birds in New Mexico include the great-tailed grackle and red-tailed hawk. In contrast, the house finch, lesser goldfinch, and dark-eyed junco are among the smaller birds.

The greater roadrunner has been New Mexico‘s state bird since 949.

Birds of New Mexico

  • Greater Roadrunner
  • House Finch
  • Dark-eyed Junco
  • Wood Duck
  • Green-Winged Teal
  • American Robin
  • Mourning Dove
  • White-winged Dove
  • Northern Flicker
  • Spotted Towhee
  • White-crowned Sparrow
  • House Sparrow
  • Lesser Goldfinch
  • American Crow
  • Red-tailed Hawk
  • Say’s Phoebe
  • Sandhill Crane
  • Eurasian Collared-Dove
  • Yellow-rumped Warbler
  • White-breasted Nuthatch
  • Red-winged Blackbird
  • Black-chinned Hummingbird
  • Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay
  • Rock Pigeon
  • Snow Goose
  • Western Tanager
  • Pine Siskin
  • Ferruginous Hawk
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Mexican Duck
  • Black Rosy Finch
  • European Starling
  • Mallard
  • Northern Pintail
  • Northern Harrier
  • Turkey Vulture
  • Great Blue Heron
  • Song Sparrow
  • American Kestrel
  • Snow Goose
  • Prairie Falcon
  • Vermillion Flycatcher
  • Western Screech-Owl
  • Western Kingbird
  • Great Horned Owl
  • Barn Swallow
  • Swainson’s Hawk
  • Ash-throated Flycatcher
  • Broad-tailed Hummingbird
  • Blue Jay
  • Northern Goshawk
  • Northern Pygmy Owl
  • Bald Eagle
  • Golden Eagle
  • American Crow
  • Osprey
  • Black-headed Grosbeak
  • Northern Mockingbird

Backyard Birds

All-year-round: Greater Roadrunner, House Finch, Northern Cardinal, Mourning Dove, American Robin

Migratory Birds

In Summer: Great-tailed Grackle, Chipping Sparrow, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Northern Mockingbird, Western Tanager

In Winter: Sandhill Crane, Snow Goose, Black Rosy Finch, Northern Pygmy Owl, Vermillion Flycatcher

Birds of Prey: Ferruginous Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Swainson’s Hawk, Northern Goshawk, American Kestrel

Water Birds: Wood Duck, Northern Pintail,Green-Winged Teal, Mexican Duck, Mallard

Common Birds Identification by Color

Yellow Birds

  • Lesser Goldfinch
  • Western tanager
  • Western kingbird
  • Yellow-breasted Chat
  • Palm Warbler

Black Birds

  • Red-winged Blackbird
  • European Starling
  • Great-tailed Grackle
  • Western Meadowlark
  • Brown-headed Cowbird

Blue Birds

  • Eastern Bluebird
  • Western Bluebird
  • Mountain Bluebird
  • Blue Jay
  • Great Blue Heron