Frogs in Texas

Texas has a wide variety of aquatic habitats, thanks to the several rivers flowing through the state, including the Colorado River, the Rio Grande, and the Trinity River. This has led to several frogs making their home in the state.

Only a sole frog in Texas is known to be poisonous – the pickerel frog.

Frogs in Texas

Frogs and Toads of Texas

Rain Frogs

  • Cliff Chirping Frog
  • Eastern Barking Frog
  • Greenhouse Frog
  • Mexican White-lipped Frog
  • Rio Grande Chirping Frog
  • Spotted Chirping Frog

Narrow-mouthed Frogs (called toads due to terrestrial behavior)

  • Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad
  • Great Plains Narrow-mouthed Toad
  • Mexican Narrow-mouthed Toad

Tree Frogs and Their Allies

  • American Green Treefrog
  • Blanchard’s Cricket Frog
  • Cajun Chorus Frog
  • Canyon Tree Frog
  • Common Mexican Tree Frog
  • Cope’s Gray Treefrog
  • Gray Treefrog
  • Northern Cricket Frog
  • Spotted Chorus Frog
  • Spring Peeper
  • Squirrel Tree Frog
  • Strecker’s Chorus Frog

True Frogs

True Toads

  • American Toad
  • Cane Toad
  • Coastal Plains Toad
  • Great Plains Toad
  • Green Toad
  • Gulf Coast Toad
  • Houston Toad
  • Red-spotted Toad
  • Texas Toad
  • Woodhouse’s Toad

Spadefoot Toads

  • Couch’s Spadefoot Toad
  • Hurter’s Spadefoot Toad
  • New Mexico Spadefoot Toad
  • Plains Spadefoot Toad

Burrowing Toads

  • Mexican Burrowing Toad

Common Frogs: Rio Grande Leopard Frog

Big Frogs: American Bullfrog, Cane Toad

Small Frogs: Spotted Chirping Frog

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