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Photos of Houndfish


Houndfish is primarily a game-fish that belongs to the Belonidae family. The beak of this fish almost looks like the jaw of a crocodile. That’s why

Photos of Bigeye tuna

Bigeye tuna

Bigeye tuna is an important edible fish which belongs to the Scombridae family. It is closely related to the yellow-fin tuna. Some people believe that

Images of African lungfish

African lungfish

African lungfishes are eel or salamander-like fishes belonging to the genus 'Protopterus'. 'Protopterus' is the only genus belonging to the family of

Photos of Barreleye

Barreleye Fish

Barreleye fish, the name itself suggests a hint of peculiarity. The deep sea has always amazed us with bizarre creatures, and the Barreleye fish is on

Alfonsino Picture


The Alfonsino is basically a member of the Berycidae family of fishes. Temperate and tropical ocean waters throughout the world, excluding the eastern

Images of Basslets


Basslets are a family of saltwater fishes, popular for marine aquarium. Read this article to know more about the lifestyle and different types of thes

Picture of Arctic Char

Arctic Char

Arctic char is an icy cold water fish. It belongs to the Salmonidae fish family. The fish is related to trout and salmon both, thus having characteris

Image of Banjo Catfish

Banjo Catfish

What is a Banjo Catfish? Banjo Catfish belongs to the Aspredinidae family of fishes. It has been reported to have originated from native Peru, where

Tilefish Images


What Is Tilefish? Tilefish is a long, slender fish that lives in deep sea water. The pronunciation of this fish is given as “Ta-eel Fee-sh”. Orig