Owl Memes

The mysterious, nocturnal and regal being that is the owl has mesmerized us for ages. And thanks to their highly unconventional expressions, here are a few rib-tickling memes for you.

1) I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.

Art School Owl Meme

2) Me trying to stay awake during a boring lecture after a night of partying:

Funny Owl Memes

3) My face when I remember that Freinds has only 10 seasons.

Happy Birthday Owl Meme

4) Let me go hooman! I have an owl meme shoot to get to!

Meme Owl

5) Owl be there for you, coz you’re there for me too!

Owl Birthday Meme

6) I know what you did last night.

Owl Meme

7) Me after I chug 3 mugs of scalding espresso:

Owl Memes

8) The owl that cried ‘Who’.

Owl Who Meme

9) Waiting for tonight..Hoooo! When you will be here in my arms

Super Owl Meme

10) My face after I get my rejection letter from the Hogwarts Delivery System:

White Owl Meme

We hope you found these memes a total hoot!

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