Penguin Memes

The mere sight of penguins can bring a smile to anyone’s face, but only penguin memes can turn that smile into bursts of laughter!

1)”Whats your favorite song?”

-“Flightless Bird.”

Awkward Penguin Memes

2)  What happily ever after in the animal kingdom looks like:

Cute Penguin Meme

3) When she hates friend zoning people and accepts both your stones:

Funny Penguin Meme

4)Where the hell is all the snow??!!!

Funny Penguin Memes

5) “I’m Batman.”

Meme Penguin

6) Take one for the team, they said. Be an honorable man, they said.

Penguin Birthday Memes

7)”Let it Fly.”

Penguin Meme

8) When they say that Emperor penguins are extinct, but you have trust issues and can’t find someone to mate for life with:

Penguin Memes

9) “Daddy, why don’t we go to Antarctica where the polar bears can’t eat us?”

Pittsburgh Penguins Memes

10)When a penguin doesn’t get the role at its Happy Feet audition:

Socially Awkward Penguin Memes

Magnificent AND monogamous, who WOULDN’T want to mate with these cuties for life?

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