Hamster Memes

There are a few animals under the sun that are as quirky yet adorable as the hamster. And when you add something like that to memes, you absolutely cannot escape the resultant bouts of hysterical laughter!

1)I’m not short; I just haven’t had my growth spurt yet!

Cute Hamster Memes


Dwarf Hamster Memes

3)What carrot?? I haven’t seen any carrot!

Fat Hamster Memes

4)The face I make when I want more money from my parents:

Hamster Meme

5) Stuart Little, 20 years later: Stuart-Not-So-Little

Hamster Memes Clean

6)When you’re trying to work out but can’t stop thinking about food:

Hamster Memes Funny

7) When I’m passing by a pizza place but I’m broke as hell:

Hamster Memes Images

8)Don’t look at me like that; I ran out of conditioner.

Hamster Memes Photos

9) I now pronounce you, Mr. Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You may kiss the bride.

Hamster Memes Pictures

10) I thought I told you to get red wine. Does this look like red wine to you damn it?!?

Hamster Memes


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