Guinea Pig Memes

Love the adorable guinea pigs? Keep reading to find how adorable AND funny they can be!

1)You mean to tell me this wheel doesn’t go anywhere??!! Traitor!

Cute Guinea Pig Memes

2) Not a pig,  Not from Guinea, still called Guinea pig.

Fat Guinea Pig Memes

3)The Guinea pig from Narnia.

Guinea Pig Funny Pictures Memes

4) I don’t always spoil your food, but when I do I make sure it’s a double cheeseburger.

Guinea Pig Meme Funny

5)Don’t look at me when I’m peeing

Guinea Pig Meme

6)Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?

Guinea Pig Memes Images

7) When you’re both vegan and racist AF

Guinea Pig Memes Photos

8)We came, we saw, we procreated.

Guinea Pig Memes

9) It’s gonna be a bumpy ride

Images of Guinea Pig Memes

10)And they know what you did last summer.

Pictures of Guinea Pig Memes

Sometimes, even fluffy buck-toothed rodents can melt your hearts into a puddle.

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