Duck Memes

Scroll on and watch these adorable ducks quackin’ away to glorious memes!

1)12 year old love birds be like:

Cute Duck Memes

2) Whatcha quackin’ about Willis?

Duck Dynasty Birthday Memes

3)It’s called….. teamwork.

Duck Hunting Memes

4)They’ve got junk in the trunk!

Duck Meme

5) Just gonna stand there and watch it burn!

Duck Memes

6)I didn’t choose the thug life; the thug life chose me

Ducks Meme

7)Our jerk cousin Donald ran off with our clothes!

Funny Duck Meme

8)Duck this shit.

Funny Duck Memes

9)Hey, what’s quackin?

10)Paint me like one of your french girls

Meme Duck

So, did you enjoy the duckin’ memes?

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