Giraffe Memes

If you have a thing for giraffe memes, your day is about to get a whole lot high-larious!

1)I wonder if she is into long necks.

April Giraffe Meme

2)What is April The Giraffe’s baby’s name?

-May the Giraffe!

April the Giraffe Memes

3)When giraffes are ‘high’er than they should be:

Drunk Giraffe Memes

4)He didn’t choose the thug life…the thug life chose him.

Funny Giraffe Memes

5)When a giraffe gets too sassy:

Giraffe Birthday Memes

6)I didn’t sign up for this shit!

Giraffe Hat Meme

7)He looks like he is about to demolish Pitbull in a rap battle and then mic drop

Giraffe Meme

8)Dayyum girl!

Giraffe Memes

9) I came in like wrecking ball!

Giraffe Spider Meme

10)High as a kite.

Meme Giraffe

Now that’s what you call some ‘high’ humor.

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