Koala Memes

Koala bears are undoubtedly some of the most adorable and quirky animals in the animal kingdom. And when you combine their cuteness with memes- pure hilarity ensues!

1)You talkin’ to me?

Wet Koala Memes

2)Hooman, id I koala-fy for the Cutest Koala Awards?

Koala Puns Memes

3)I’m high as a kite, bruh.

Koala Meme

4)Hooman, take me away from this dystopian world where cancer and war are businesses!

Koala Memes

5) Hi, My name is Koala and I’m a sleep addict.

Koala Bear Meme

6)Did you just say Koala bears aren’t really bears?

Koala Baby Memes

7)When you make a hot box and all your friends get stoned together:

Cute Koala Memes

8)the name’s Bear. Koala Bear.

High Koala Meme

9)He’s got the munchies!

Angry Koala Meme

10)It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do, that defines me.

*Sleeps for 20 hours a day*

Baby Koala Memes

We bet you enjoyed those koala-ty memes, didn’t you?