Cow Memes

 When ‘cheesy’ puns and cow images are combined, hysterical laughter ensues. So keep reading the unholy memes of the holy cows!

1)I’ve got the moos like Jagger!

Cow Meme

2) Did you say you like your coffee… decalf?

Cow Memes Cute

3) When she says she has a beef with me:

Cow Memes Images

4) When your hairstylist is a fan of Justin Bieber:

Cow Memes Photos

5)When your life seems to be at ‘steak’.

Cow Memes Pictures

6) But she got a man, so it’s a Moo point.

Cow Memes

7) My dead cousin wanted me to avenge him, so I burned down McDonald’s.

Evil Cow Memes

8) Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think she’s got mad cow disease.

Funny Cow Memes

9) Every breath you take, every moo you make

Images of Cow Memes

10) A uniCOW, perhaps?

Pictures of Cow Memes

Some innocent, doe-eyed creatures they are!