Beaver Memes

As Justin Trudeau rises to fame, so will Canada’s national animal- the beaver- with these rib-tickling puns!

1)Meanwhile, beavers’ reaction when mad kids photoshop Bieber’s face onto beavers’ bodies:

Pictures of Beaver Memes

2)Freudian slips be like:

Images of Beaver Memes

3)I don’t give a dam what you think coz I’m busy making one!

Funny Beaver Memes

4)When beavers spot a hot chic: “Dam, girl!”

Clean Beaver Memes

5) Enough with these beaver and wood jokes! Ya hear me??!!

Beaver Memes

6) You got the beaver fever? Dam boy, you must be filthy!

Beaver Memes Pictures

7) When beavers suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder:

Beaver Memes Photos

8) Anatomically Correct.

Beaver Memes Images

9) A clean beaver always gets the dam girls.

Beaver Meme

10) Happy Beaver to you!

Angry Beaver Memes

Dam builders, wood eaters and punny little creatures, the beaver is definitely one ‘dam’ industrious rodent!

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