Llama Memes

You may not know much about the llama, but why should that stop you from enjoying a few llama memes?

1)How you look when your mother dresses you up for the party:

Baby Llama Memes

2)When your heart is black but you like pink accessories:

Drama Llama Meme

3)When you’re a Llama but you like Hercule Poirot:

Funny Llama Memes

4)When you’re an animal but relate to Justin Bieber:

Llama Birthday Meme

5)My face when I accidentally read a Game of Thrones spoiler online:

Llama Meme

6)Just a group of racially liberal llamas:

Llama Memes Images

7)What do you call a domesticated livestock animal that is sworn into monkhood?

-The Dalai Llama

Llama Memes Pictures

8)Llama tell you the difference between us and alpacas:

Llama Memes

9) Llama Del Ray says “Will you still love me when I’m no longer fluffy and white?”

Shaved Llama Meme

10) Dayyum, girl

Ugly Llama Memes

If you’re still craving some more animal memes, check out the rest!

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