Octopus Memes

You’d be surprised to find out exactly how unique these 8-limbed creatures are! Keep reading to find out!

1)Go away before I get stressed and eat myself!

Funny Octopus Memes

2) And they said, ‘The Titanic is unsinkable’!Next thing I knew, Dicaprio was knockin’ on my door.

Memes Octopus

3)Where to, Miss?

-To the stars!

Octopus Meme

4)Who is this Davy Jones you speak of?

Octopus Memes Images

5)Excuse me, do you know where I can find Nemo?

Octopus Memes Photos

6) Hey you, out there in the cold gettin’ lonely gettin’ old, can you feel me?

Octopus Memes Pictures

7)Hey there, good lookin’…need a hand with your luggage? Or 8, maybe?

Octopus Memes

8)An octopus has 8 arms, 3 hearts, blue blood and minds its own business. Octopus is cool. Be like octopus.

Photos of Octopus Memes

9) Let go of me human, I REFUSE to be your lunch!

Pictures of Octopus Memes

10)I’m not saying I hate you, but I would lend not one of my 8 arms if you were hanging from a cliff.

Images of Octopus Memes

Octopus memes are just 8 times more fun, aren’t they?

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