Manatee Memes

The manatee is one of the lesser-known mammals of the ocean. However, once you get a taste of a few manatee memes, you’ll want to binge on more!

1)Hey, how YOU doin’?

Calming Manatee Memes

2)Day 4: The manatees suspect something fishy.

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3)I was in love with a man, but he done left me for a mermaid.

Manatee Meme

4)Hello there human, I take it that you speak manatee?

Manatee Memes Images

5) It’s the time to disco!

Manatee Memes Photos

6)Or I could smack you with my flippers.

Manatee Memes Pictures

7)Look at me, I’m a dolphin.

Manatee Memes

8)Don’t talk so close; I’ve got the hangover of the millennium.

Overlord Manatee Memes

9) Don’t touch me there! It tickles!!!

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10)Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feeeeeeel you

Pictures of Manatee Memes

I guess it’s safe to say that they are as funny as they look, eh?