Polar Bear Memes

With global warming on the rise, one must capitalize on every opportunity to remind everyone about the plight of the endangered polar bears. This here is a funny medium of achieving that very goal.

1)Did you watch that documentary on global warming?

-No, I couldn’t bear it!

Cute Polar Bear Memes

2)Dude, where’d all that snow go?

Images of Polar Bear Memes

3) Bet you didn’t know our fur isn’t really white, did you?

Pictures of Polar Bear Memes Funny

4) I tried to catch a seal, but I felled over.

Polar Bear Meme

5) I’m pretending to be pregnant just so I can take a long nap and call it hibernation.

Polar Bear Memes Clean

6) Donald Trump is gonna be the death of us.

Polar Bear Memes Funny

7) Look at ALL the snow around here….Yeah, me neither.

Polar Bear Memes Images

8) Hey, you mind scratching my back? Yeah….right there.

Polar Bear Memes Photos

9)This global warming is really kicking my furry behind.

Polar Bear Memes Pictures

10) Ed Bear-an be like: Come on now follow my lead, come, come on now follow my lead.

Polar Bear Memes

We hope you had a funny yet enlightening read!

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