Horse Memes

If you thought the memes of these regal and conventionally ‘sophisticated’ creatures wouldn’t be funny enough, prepare to be amazed!

1) When they think they look cool but remind you of Macbeth’s three witches:

Funny Horse Meme

2) Me when I spot a lizard on the floor:

Funny Horse Memes

3) When the photographer tries to take a candid snap of me:

Gay Horse Meme

4)When the girl is really short but she likes to ride:

High Horse Meme

5) When you think he is a gentleman but somebody lets out the free booze:

Horse Birthday Meme

6) And then I said, of course your house is haunted by the minions of Satan!!

Horse Meme

7) When I deny that I’m depressed and try to go on with life:

Horse Memes

8)To hell with them ‘neighsayers’!

Horse Riding Meme

9) When I accidentally switch on the front camera:

Meme Horse

10) Me when my girlfriend is texting another guy:

Soon Horse Meme

Horses are indeed quite the king of weird faces, aren’t they?

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