26 of the Smallest Birds in Florida

A wide variety of avian life graces the Sunshine State, many of which are tiny. From colorful warblers to agile flycatchers, Florida has a diverse array of small bird species that captivate any nature enthusiast. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or a curious observer, an identification guide with images will provide valuable insights into the beautiful world of these feathered residents that bring life and charm to Florida’s landscapes.

Small Florida Birds (FL)

List of the Common Small Birds of Florida

The three factors considered for measuring birds are their length, weight, and wingspan. Here is a list of 26 0f the smallest birds found in Florida, arranged based on their length.

Bird NameLengthWeightWingspan
Ruby-crowned Kinglet3.5-4.5 in0.2-0.3 oz6-7 in
Carolina Chickadee4-5 in0.3-0.4 oz6-8 in
House Wren4-5 in0.3-0.4 oz5.5-6 in
Common Yellowthroat4-5 in0.2-0.3 oz6-7.5 in
Northern Parula4-5 in0.2-0.4 oz6-7 in
Prairie Warbler4-4.5 in0.2-0.3 oz7-7.5 in
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher4-4.5 in0.2-0.3 oz6-6.5 in
White-eyed Vireo4.5-5 in0.3-0.5 oz6.5-7 in
Black-and-white Warbler4-5 in0.3-0.5 oz7-9 in
Palm Warbler5-5.5 in0.3-0.5 oz8-8.5 in
Pine Warbler5-5.5 in0.3-0.5 oz7.5-9 in
House Finch5-5.5 in0.6-0.9 oz8-10 in
Yellow-throated Warbler5-5.5 in0.3-0.4 oz8-8.5 in
Yellow-rumped Warbler5-5.5 in0.4-0.5 oz7.5-9 in
Carolina Wren5-5.5 in0.6-0.8 oz11.4 in
Tree Swallow5-6 in0.6-0.9 oz12-14 in
Downy Woodpecker5.5-7 in0.7-1.0 oz10-12 in
Eastern Phoebe5.5-7 in0.6-0.7 oz10-11 in
Tufted Titmouse5.5-6.5 in0.6-0.9 oz8-10 in
Eastern Bluebird6-8 in1.0-1.1 oz10-13 in
Eastern Towhee7-8 in1-2 oz8-11 in
Great Crested Flycatcher7-8 in1-1.5 oz13-13.5 in
Red-winged Blackbird7-9 in1-3 oz12-16 in
Northern Cardinal8-9 in1.5-2 oz10-12 in
European Starling8-9 in2-3.5 oz12-16 in
Gray Catbird8.5-9.5 in1-2 oz9-12 in

Small Birds in Florida by Regions

Small Birds in South Florida: Red-winged Blackbird, Northern Parula, Palm Warbler

Small Birds in Central Florida: House Wren, Bue-gray Gnatcatcher, Tree Swallow, Black-and-white Warbler

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