Hawks, Eagles, and Falcons in Arkansas

Arkansas, located in the southern part of the United States, is home to diverse wildlife. Some of the most fascinating creatures to watch here are the raptors like hawks, eagles, and falcons. Several species of these birds of prey live here, each with unique behaviors and characteristics.

Hawks Eagles and Falcons in Arkansas (AR)

List of Different Types of Hawks, Eagles, and Falcons in Arkansas



The hawks of Arkansas belong to the family Accipitridae. Ferruginous hawks, the largest in North America, are accidental in the state.

  • Red-tailed Hawk
  • Red-shouldered Hawk
  • Cooper’s Hawk
  • Sharp-shinned Hawk
  • Broad-winged Hawk
  • Swainson’s Hawk
  • Rough-legged Hawk
  • Northern Goshawk


The peregrine falcon is the fastest, and the American kestrel is the smallest raptor in Arkansas. The former can be found everywhere in the state.

The above four types of falcons are the most common in the state, while the crested caracara is an accidental or rare species occurring here.


  • Osprey


  • Northern Harrier

Some of Arkansas’s best places to see hawks are the Ozark National Forest, White River National Wildlife Refuge, and the Petit Jean State Park. The once-endangered bald eagle can now be spotted in many places across the state, particularly along the shores of rivers and lakes. Some of the best places to see them are the Bull Shoals-White River State Park, Crowley’s Ridge State Park, and DeGray Lake Resort State Park.

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