Bats in New York

New York has 9 native bat species that call it home. The reason behind this low diversity is because of the urbanization of the region, which has led to only a handful of species being able to survive here. These include cave bats like the Little Brown Bat and the Eastern Small-footed Myotis and tree bats like the Hoary Bat.

Bats in New York (NY)

Different Types of Bats in New York

Vesper Bats (Vespertilionidae)

Places To Go Bat Watching in New York

There are several places to see bats in New York, including Connetquot River State Park Preserve, Grafton Lakes State Park, Point au Roche State Park, Sterling Forest State Park, and Thacher State Park. The Little Brown Bat, for instance, can be seen in Allegany State Park and Chenango Valley State Park.


1. Are bats protected in New York State?

While the Indiana Bat and the Northern Long-eared Bat are the only two species of bats protected by state law in New York, preserving all other bat species is encouraged. This is because bats tend to reproduce very slowly, so destroying a colony or killing a bunch of roosting bats will cause a huge dent in their populations.

2. Do bats in New York migrate to a different location or undergo hibernation in the winter?

The bats that spend their summers in trees – the Eastern Red Bat, the Silver-haired Bat, and the Hoary Bat – will migrate out of the state when it gets colder. All the other bats – those living in caves – will undergo hibernation in them.

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