Bats in Minnesota

There are 8 species of bats that are native to Minnesota. The Big Brown Bat is the most common species in the state, while the Hoary Bat and the Tricolored Bat are the largest and smallest bats seen here.

Bats in Minnesota (MN)

Different Types of Bats in Minnesota

Vesper Bats (Vespertilionidae)

Places To Go Bat Watching in Minnesota

Pipestone National Monument is home to all 8 species of bats recorded in Minnesota. These bats tend to live in the trees of the Pipestone during the summer, hiding inside tree hollows, underneath their bark, or among the leaves.


1. Do bats hibernate in Minnesota?

4 bats are known to undergo hibernation in Minnesota – the Tricolored Bat, the Little Brown Bat, the Northern Long-eared Bat, and the Big Brown Bat. The hibernation period generally begins around October and November. They emerge in the spring between March and April.

2. Is it illegal to kill bats in Minnesota?

Yes, it is illegal to kill bats in Minnesota for any reason. The reason behind this is the slow reproduction rate of bats, meaning the death of a single colony will cause a massive dent in the overall population.

3. Are there any endangered bat species in Minnesota?

The Northern Long-eared Bat is federally endangered as per the Endangered Species Act. 

4. Do any bats in Minnesota migrate?

Yes, the Silver-haired Bat migrates toward Mexico in winter, while the Hoary Bat flies in groups toward the same destination. The Eastern Red Bat is a more interesting case as it might migrate or hibernate and wake up and feed on warmer days.

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