Turtles in Montana

Montana is one of the eight Mountain States in the US known for its cold climate, especially in winter. This makes it unlikely for any turtles to be found here. However, a handful of them can be spotted in the multiple rivers of the state, including the Common Snapping Turtle, the Western Painted Turtle, and the Red-eared Slider. 

Turtles in Montana (MT)

Types of Turtles Found in Montana

Snapping Turtles (Chelydridae)

  • Common Snapping Turtle

Emydid Turtles (Emydidae)

Painted Turtles

  • Western Painted Turtle


  • Red-eared Slider (Invasive)

Softshell Turtles (Trionychidae)

  • Western Spiny Softshell


Are there any endangered turtles in Montana?

Both the Common Snapping Turtle and the Western Spiny Softshell are species of concern in Montana and could be at risk in the future.

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