Hawks, Eagles, and Falcons in New York

New York has much to boast about its hawks, falcons, and eagles. It encompasses the bald eagle’s resurgence, the red-tailed hawk’s adaptability, and the peregrine falcon’s city-dwelling success. These fascinating birds of prey indicate the health of the state’s ecosystem and highlight its ongoing conservation efforts.

Hawks Eagles and Falcons in New York (NY)

List of Different Types of Hawks, Eagles, and Falcons in New York


There are two types of eagles native to New York.

  • Bald Eagle
  • Golden Eagle

The mating season of bald eagles in New York is late winter to early spring. Their nesting season extends from the beginning of January to the end of August. Some birds stay back between September and December if there is open water and plenty of food. Others usually migrate to a wintering location. There were 426 active breeding pairs in New York, as recorded in 2017.


  • Sharp-shinned Hawk
  • Cooper’s Hawk
  • American Goshawk
  • Red-shouldered Hawk
  • Broad-winged Hawk
  • Red-tailed Hawk
  • Rough-legged Hawk

While all the above hawks can be found across the state, the rough-legged and American goshawks are not that common in western New York.



  • Osprey


  • Northern Harrier

Some great places to watch hawks in New York are John Boyd Thacher State Park, Derby Hill Bird Observatory in Oswego County, Chestnut Ridge Hawk Watch in Mt. Kisco, and Franklin Mountain Hawk Watch in Davenport. Popular eagle viewing areas in the state are Norrie Point State Park, Constitution Island from North Dock, Route 6/202 overlook above Iona Island, and Riverfront Park in Peekskill. In general, the Hudson River and anywhere that has an overlook are good spots for seeing eagles.

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