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Peppered Moth

The Peppered Moth is a species of temperate black and white moths that are widely spread in various parts of the world. The most important thing about

Ghost Ant

The Ghost Ant is an invasive species of tropical and subtropical ants that have been spread by humans, and are primarily found in parts of the United

Atlas Moth

The Atlas Moth is the world’s largest moth in terms of their wing surface area, and second largest by wingspan (only next to the white witch moth),

Zebra Spider

The zebra spider, also known as the zebra back spider, is a species of jumping arachnid found across the Northern Hemisphere. It gets its name from th

Elephant Hawk-Moth

The Elephant Hawk-Moth is a species of common large pink and olive green moth that is widely spread throughout Europe. It is one of the brightest moth

Giant Pacific Octopus

The Giant Pacific Octopus (or, the North Pacific Giant Octopus) is the world’s largest and longest-living octopus species that are known for their h

Chilean Recluse Spider

The Chilean recluse spider, a member of the recluse spider family, is a venomous spider native to South America but has also spread to other parts of

Firefly Squid

The firefly squids are small bioluminescent creatures, found in deep waters surrounding the coastline of Japan. They have eight arms and two tentacles

Hummingbird Hawk-moth

Hummingbird hawk-moths are among nature’s best mimics, having been able to emulate very close physical similarities with hummingbirds. [caption i

Coconut Octopus

The coconut octopus, alternatively known as the veined octopus, is an intelligent cephalopod widespread in the Indo-Pacific tropical waters. It has de