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Moon Jellyfish

The Moon Jellyfish are found in the tropical waters of the ocean and are known for their beautiful appearance. Also called ‘saucer jellyfish', it is

Clown Triggerfish

The clown triggerfish (also called, the big-spotted triggerfish) is a small sized fish found in the demersal zone of the tropical waters in the Pacifi

Giant Oarfish

The Giant Oarfish is a species of enormous oarfish living in the depths of the ocean around the world and is seldom seen. Because of this shy nature,

Wolf Eel

The Wolf Eel is a species of fish that are often confused for true eel. However, unlike their name, these are not related to the other true eel specie

Blue Shark

The Blue Shark is a species of shark found almost everywhere in the world and is the most widely distributed shark species. It is one of the most easi

Salmon Shark

Salmon sharks are mackerels found across the northern Pacific Ocean. They are the apex predator of their habitat, one they share with other sharks lik

Ribbon Eel

Ribbon eel, commonly known as the bernis eel or leaf-nosed moray eel is a species of moray eel.  They swim like a dancing ribbon and hence are named

Arctic Lamprey

Arctic lampreys are a circumpolar species of eel-like jawless fish. They exhibit sexual dimorphism in the fact that females are smaller than males.

Bat Ray

The bat ray is a member of the eagle ray family that is named so because of its pectoral fins spread such that its appearance resembles that of a bat.