Bats in North Dakota

There are 10 species of bats that are native to North Dakota. Some of these bats, like the Silver-haired Bat, the Little Brown Bat, and the Hoary Bat, can be found in woods near a water body. Others, like the Long-eared Myotis and the Big Brown Bat, soar over open areas starting from the dusk as they hunt for insects.

Bats in North Dakota (ND)

Different Types of Bats in North Dakota

Vesper Bats (Vespertilionidae)

  • Big Brown Bat
  • Eastern Red Bat
  • Hoary Bat
  • Little Brown Bat
  • Long-eared Myotis
  • Long-legged Myotis
  • Northern Long-eared Bat
  • Silver-haired Bat
  • Townsend’s Big-eared Bat
  • Western Small-footed Myotis

Places To Go Bat Watching in North Dakota

The badlands around the Little Missouri River have served as a roosting place for several bats like the Long-eared Myotis, the Townsend’s Big-eared Bat, and the Western Small-footed Myotis. 


1. Do bats hibernate in North Dakota?

Some species, like the Northern Long-eared Bat and the Little Brown Bat, are known to hibernate in caves in the state, appropriately called hibernacula. They start to do so from the middle of October and emerge around April.

2. Is it illegal to kill bats in North Dakota?

In North Dakota, trapping and killing animals without a license is illegal. This includes all species of bats, which have a low reproductive rate. As a result, killing a colony of any species will lead to a drastic dip in the overall population of said species.

3. Are there any endangered bat species in North Dakota?

The Northern Long-eared Bat is designated as endangered per the Endangered Species Act.

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