Bats in Kansas

About 15 species of bats are native to the state of Kansas. The most common of these are the Big Brown Bat, with a wingspan of 13-16 inches, and the Little Brown Bat, with a wingspan of 8-11 inches.

Bats in Kansas (KS)

Different Types of Bats in Kansas

Free-tailed Bats (Molossidae)

  • Mexican Free-tailed Bat

Vesper Bats (Vespertilionidae)

Places To Go Bat Watching in Kansas

Some of the places to see bats in Kansas include areas with lakes and ponds, cities at night, forests and the edges around them, open fields, orchards, parks, and even the suburbs. All of the listed bat species look for a suitable place to roost during the day and leave their homes to hunt starting at dusk and remain active at night.


1. Are bats protected in Kansas?

Yes, bats are protected by law in Kansas. As a matter of fact, both federal law and many state laws state that it is illegal to evict bats of any species when the females are during their maternity season. 

2. Are any of the species of bats native to Kansas endangered or at risk?

Yes, the Gray Bat is an endangered species both in the state as well as the entire United States.

3. Are there any vampire bats in Kansas?

No, vampire bats do not live in Kansas. 

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