Bats in Michigan

There are 9 bat species native to Michigan. The largest of these bats is the Hoary Bat, which has a wingspan of 16 inches. The Big Brown Bat also has a large wingspan, ranging between 12.8–13.8 inches. In contrast, the Tricolored Bat is the smallest in the state, with a wingspan of 8-10 inches.

The most common bat in Michigan is the Big Brown Bat.

Bats in Michigan (MI)

Different Types of Bats in Michigan

Vesper Bats (Vespertilionidae)

Places To Go Bat Watching in Michigan

Millie Mine is one of the most notable sites where people can see bats emerge at dusk throughout the United States. The mine is an abandoned iron shaft with most entrances sealed off. However, bats can freely enter and leave through the grate covering the entrance.

Enthusiasts and bat watchers can watch the bats leaving Millie Mine every evening at dusk from an observation deck uphill from the mine.


1. Do bats hibernate in Michigan?

Yes, bats in Michigan begin to hibernate around September to November. They again become active around late March.

2. Are bats protected in Michigan?

Yes, by both state and federal law. This is done to protect bats like the endangered Indiana Bat so that their populations do not decline.

3. Do Michigan bats migrate?

Yes, species like the Little Brown Bat and the Eastern Red Bat will migrate to a different place when it gets colder.

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