Lion Memes

Move over knock knock jokes, it’s time for memes now! Read on to see even the majestic king of the jungle can be turned fodder for memes.

1)Son, you’ll rule this savannah the day I die.
– Nepotism is so old school dad.

Lions Super Bowl Meme

2) The deer accused me of lion, so I eated him.

Lions Memes

3)Mmmm…this creature here smells like lunch.

Lion Sex Memes

4) I shall prevail over George of the Jungle… right after nap time.

Lions Meme

5)Wanna know how I got these scars?

Lion Quotes Memes

6) Mondays be treating you like:

Lion Memes

7) No matter what your mother says son, I swear WE WERE ON A BREAK!

Lion Meme

8)If only I weren’t so hungover….you’de be passing through my bowels right now.

Lion King Memes

9) Damn did mauling that bison wear me out!

Lion Drinking Water Memes

10) Dad,  I don’t like how The Lion King ended.

-Don’t worry son, it’s just a movie.

Lion King Meme

The meme force is strong with this one, isn’t it?

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