Bird Memes

When you think of birds, you think of how great it would be to be one yourself so you could fly away to freedom into the sunset. But when you have a look at the stuff below, you’ll wish you could be a meme instead!

1)I feel the need- the need for speed!

Bird Meme

2) I don’t always shit; but when I do I make sure it’s on someone’s freshly ironed suit.

Bird Memes

3) Guess who had too much fiber yesterday.

Bird Shit Meme

4)Being single like a boss.

Bird Shit Memes

5) Get your own man li’l missy! Hear me??

Crazy Bird Meme


Crazy Bird Memes

7) Bad hair days got me like:

Funny Bird Meme

8)Pssst….mind if I have a puff of that doobie?

Funny Bird Memes

9)When I’m home alone and I hear a noise:

Potoo Bird Meme

10) Me trying to keep a straight face when I get home stoned

Potoo Bird Memes

So, when you’re feeling a bit of dank meme withdrawal, here’s where you need to be.

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