Lizards in South Carolina

While quite common, there aren’t that many lizards in South Carolina. Commonly spotted species include the green anole, the Texas horned lizard, and the coal skink.

Lizards in South Carolina

Lizards of South Carolina



Glass Lizards

  • Eastern Glass Lizard
  • Island Glass Lizard
  • Mimic Glass Lizard
  • Slender Glass Lizard

Horned Lizards

  • Texas Horned Lizard


  • Broad-headed Skink
  • Coal Skink
  • Common Five-lined Skink
  • Little Brown Skink
  • Mole Skink
  • Southeastern Five-lined Skink

Spiny Lizards

  • Eastern Fence Lizard


  • Six-lined Racerunner


1. Are there any poisonous lizards in South Carolina?

There are no native lizards in South Carolina which are poisonous.

2. Are there tegu lizards in South Carolina?

The Argentine black-and-white tegu has been spotted occasionally in South Carolina, though whether or not a breeding population has been established is yet to be ascertained.

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