22 of the Largest Birds in Michigan

Michigan’s diverse landscapes and abundant resources attract a remarkable array of avian species, many boasting considerable proportions. From the majestic bald eagles with their wingspans reaching 8 feet to the elegant sandhill cranes standing tall at 3 to 4 feet, Michigan’s huge native birds will leave you in awe with their impressive sizes. 

The big birds inhabiting the more forested and elevated Upper Peninsula are the turkey vulture, osprey, golden eagle, and bald eagle, while the great blue heron is more common in the Lower Peninsula of the state.

Large Birds in Michigan (MI)

List of the Common Big Birds of Michigan

The three factors considered for measuring birds are their length, weight, and wingspan. Here is a list of 22 0f the largest birds found in Michigan, arranged based on their length.

Bird NameLength/ HeightWeightWingspan
Trumpeter Swan58-72 in300-400 oz72-102 in
Mute Swan56-62 in280-400 oz84-96 in
Great Blue Heron46-52 in/48-50 in80-120 oz77-82 in
Great Egret37-41 in/35-40 in30-70 oz54-55 in
Sandhill Crane34-48 in/30-48 in130-170 oz73-90 in
Bald Eagle34-43 in168 oz72-96 in
Canada Goose25-45 in110-230 oz70-75 in
Glaucous Gull22-30 in48-55 oz52-67 in
Black Vulture23-27 in76-80 oz54-60 in
Snowy Owl20-28 in56-105 oz45-57 in
Great Gray Owl24-33 in27-30 oz54-60 in
Great Black-backed Gull25-31 in64 oz60-65 in
Rough-legged Hawk20-22 in25-50 oz52-55 in
Gyrfalcon20-25 in40-42 oz48-64 in
Osprey21-24 in60-63 oz54-72 in
Golden Eagle27-38 in70-160 oz72-96 in
Turkey Vulture26-32 in40-90 oz68-72 in
Red-tailed Hawk18-24 in44-52 oz40-60 in
Great Horned Owl18-25 in32-88 oz40-57 in
Common Loon26-36 in150-200 oz50-58 in
Pileated Woodpecker16-20 in10-12 oz26-30 in

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