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Nile Monitor

The Nile Monitor is a species of reptiles extensively spread across its habitat. Known in different names like African small-grain lizard, water legu

Lace Monitor

The Lace Monitor is a species of Australian lizard – a type of goanna. This big-sized reptile is the fifth largest lizard on earth, and the second

Ringneck Snake

The Ringneck Snake is a species of small North American snakes that belong to the harmless colubrid family. Also called the ‘ring-necked snake’, t

Banded Water Snake

The Banded Water Snake (also called the southern water snake) is a species of aquatic snake widely distributed in parts of the United States. These sn

Asian Water Monitor

The Water Monitor is a species of giant monitor lizard found in parts of South and Southeast Asian countries. These semi-aquatic reptiles are common t

Gharial (Indian Gharial Crocodile)

The Gharial (pronunciation: /ˈɡɛːrɪəl//ˈɡarɪɑːl//ˌɡʌrɪˈɑːl/), also called the gavial or the fish-eating crocodile, is a species of c

Eyelash Viper

The Eyelash Viper (or, the Eyelash Pit Viper) is a tropical snake that is distributed in a small part of the continent of South America, as well as C

African Fat-tailed Gecko

The African Fat-tailed Gecko is a species of lizard abundantly spread throughout the western regions of the continent of Africa. Often confused with i

Black Caiman

Black caimans found in South America are the fourth largest extant member of the crocodile family. These robust reptiles were almost hunted to extinct