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Hermann’s Tortoise

Hermann’s tortoise is a species of small to medium-sized tortoises that belong to the genus Testudo and are native to southern Europe. These tortoi

Argentine Black and White Tegu

The Argentine Black and White Tegu is the largest of all tegu species and are widely spread across selected regions of South America. Also known as t

Red Tegu

The Red Tegu, also called Argentine Red Tegu Lizard, or simply, Argentine Tegu, is a species of large lizards found in parts of South America. It is

Yellow-Bellied Slider

The Yellow-Bellied Slider is a subspecies of the pond turtle and is native to parts of the US. It is the most common turtle in its range and is very

Broadhead Skink

The Broadhead Skink is a species of common lizards found in a limited range in the United States. Also called broad-headed skink and red-headed scorp

Nile Monitor

The Nile Monitor is a species of reptiles extensively spread across its habitat. Known in different names like African small-grain lizard, water legu

Lace Monitor

The Lace Monitor is a species of Australian lizard – a type of goanna. This big-sized reptile is the fifth largest lizard on earth, and the second

Ringneck Snake

The Ringneck Snake is a species of small North American snakes that belong to the harmless colubrid family. Also called the ‘ring-necked snake’, t

Banded Water Snake

The Banded Water Snake (also called the southern water snake) is a species of aquatic snake widely distributed in parts of the United States. These sn