Lizards in Oklahoma

Thanks to the humid subtropical climate, several lizards call Oklahoma their home. Lizards here include the green anole, the eastern collared lizard, and the broad-headed skink.

Lizards in Oklahoma

Lizards of Oklahoma


  • Green Anole

Collared Lizards

  • Eastern Collared Lizard

Glass Lizards

  • Slender Glass Lizard


Horned Lizards

  • Texas Horned Lizard

Lesser Earless Lizards

  • Greater Earless Lizard
  • Lesser Earless Lizard
  • Western Earless Lizard


  • Broad-headed Skink
  • Coal Skink
  • Common Five-lined Skink
  • Great Plains Skink
  • Little Brown Skink
  • Southern Prairie Skink

Spiny Lizards

  • Prairie Lizard

Whiptail Lizards

  • Common Spotted Whiptail
  • Gray Checkered Whiptail
  • Prairie Racerunner
  • Six-lined Racerunner

State Reptile: Eastern Collared Lizard

Smallest Lizard: Little Brown Skink

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