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Kit Fox

The Kit Fox is a species of North American foxes that are known in many names, including desert fox, zorra del desierto and zorra norteña in Spanish,

Bush Dog

The Bush Dog, also known as the Savannah Dog, is a species of rare canids and a close relative to the African wild dog. It is a distinctive member of

Masai Giraffe

The Masai Giraffe, also called the Maasai giraffe or the Kilimanjaro giraffe, is the largest giraffe and highest terrestrial animal in the world. It i

Cape Buffalo

The Cape Buffalo, also known as the African Buffalo, is a bovine species from Africa that are known for their massive body and unpredictably aggressiv

Rothschild’s Giraffe

The Rothschild’s Giraffe, also known as the Baringo or the Ugandan giraffe, is a subspecies of the common giraffe found in the jungles of Africa. C

Chinese Water Deer

The Chinese Water Deer (also known as the Asian water deer) is a small ungulate that is known for its long fang-like canine teeth and belongs to the w

Pygmy Hippopotamus

The Pygmy Hippopotamus is a species of dwarf or very small hippopotamid, compared to the other common hippo species. By size, these mammals are about

Bat-Eared Fox

The Bat-eared Fox is a species of very ancient canines that was widely distributed in the middle Pleistocene era, around 800,000 years ago. These foxe

Himalayan Tahr

The Himalayan Tahr, also known as kaarth, meshi, and taheer, is a species of grazing ungulates that are found in parts of the Himalayan mountain range

Indian Wolf

The Indian wolf is a grey wolf subspecies found in west and South Asia. It was initially given species status as Canis pallipes but was assigned as a